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Flood and Water Damage: Georgia Ranks 4th Most Expensive State for Energy

A recent report from WallettHubplaced Georgia as the 4th most energy expensive state for 2014. Flood and Water Damage Denton County Energy ExpensiveThis comes from a number of factors: the price of electricity, consumption per consumer, and price of fuel. The report considered both at home usage and vehicle fuel. Our monthly electricity cost sits at $123, natural gas is $67 and fuel hovers around $167. With utility expenses this high, the last thing you need is flood and water damage increasing your bill. A small leak can add hundreds of dollars over the years and a large pipe burst can short your electricity system, causing a swift spike in power. If you ever suspect either one of these scenarios, be sure to contact a professional water damage restoration company to take care of it. Water removal that is done properly will mitigate the chance of mold forming or electrical wiring being affected. Since Georgia already resides as the fourth highest energy-expensive state, the last thing you need is a water emergency that increases the rate or damages your utility lines. Water damage Denton County experts will perform a free inspection and know how to repair plumbing quickly so that floods no longer increases your utility bill.

How does Water Damage Increase my Energy Bill?

Water damage causes destruction on multiple fronts, especially to your wallet, and will increase your energy bill by shorting outlets, flooding circuitry, and damaging appliances. Even a small flood can reach the lower power outlets around your home. If water enters these, the components within will conduct, overcharge, and short circuit. This has a number of negative side effects. First, that outlet will no longer work and may shock anyone who tries to use it. Second, the power surge that occurred will add a chuck of change to your electricity bill. Finally, you will need a water damage Denton County crew to fix it safely. You will want to find a team who is licensed, insured, and bonded, working with all insurance companies and available 24/7.

Water does not stop on the surface. If a leak or flood lasts long enough before water extractions take place, it is possible for it to penetrate drywall or floor boards and reach hidden circuitry inside a property. Everyone knows water and electricity do not mix. When this happens, there is a good chance of a fire alongside the same side effects presented through outlets becoming soaked.

Appliances that suffer water damage no longer work correctly. If you are the type of person who likes to run the dishwasher or laundry while at work or asleep, and the unit has been flooded, it may not run the cycle correctly. In some cases, it will not stop and run all day. You may come home or wake up to a never ending wash cycle eating up your clothes along with your energy bill. If you want to cut back on your utility payments, be sure to request the aid of experts in the water damage field.

How can I cut Back on my Utility Payments?

The easiest way to cut back on your utility payments is to use less energy. If you add a couple seconds to your morning and evening routines you could save $100 or more a year. When you are done with appliances such as the toaster, hair straightener, or coffee maker, unplug them. Even if they are not being utilized, energy is still being routed through the cord. Depending on how desperately you want to save money, you could disconnect the television, air conditioner, and other big machines as well. One of the biggest energy savers is setting your thermostat a little higher in the summer and a little lower in the winter. The HVAC system makes up a large percentage of your utility payment and should not be over looked. Georgia may be the fourth state for most expensive energy, but you don’t have to be part of that statistic. Call the water damage Denton County professionals to avoid leaks, and reduce your energy expense through an inspection that checks all of your utilities.


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