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Mold Remediation: What Happens to a Forgotten Slurpee?

Published by 911 Restoration Denton County on July 11, 2014 in category: Current Event, Mold Inspection with tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Every year, on 7/11 all 7-Eleven patrons can get a free, small Slurpee. Mold_Remediation_SlurpeeWhile this frozen treat tastes delicious when first served, if you do not finish it quickly, it could become quite the unsavory experience where you need mold remediation. The cups that 7-Eleven offers for the free dessert are not meant to last. If you let the drink devolve into a liquid state, the cups become soggy, and the sugary goodness will escape its container. When you forget about a your Apple Berry Blast (as is common with freebees), it will leak into the surrounding area. If it is left long enough, ants, bacteria, and mold appear.  While ants may be the most visible and disturbing, mold is actually the most dangerous consequence of letting a frozen drink flood a cup holder, table, or armrest. If you suddenly remember that drink you left in your car and fear mold has already formed, call in expert mold remediation Denton County technicians to handle the possible water damage restoration.

How can Something as Sweet as a Slurpee Turn into Something as Dangerous as Mold?

While the sweetness of a Slurpee may be the attractive factor for humans and ants, mold enjoys the moist nature of the drink. As your frozen Mtn Dew/Sugar-Free-Mango melts, more moisture fills the air, eventually providing a breeding ground for fungus. Slushees are made of frozen sugar and water. Everyone wants a taste. Don’t give mold that opportunity, it could send you to the hospital.

Mold is dangerous because it clogs your lungs with tiny spores until you can no longer breathe. It feeds off wet, dead, organic material. Sugar is made from organic sugar cane, that died when it was harvested. Slurpees are wet sugar, so mold wants a free Peach Raspberry today as much as you do. When you pick up the freebees at 7-Eleven, you should consider the concerns related to them.

Are there any Other Freebees you should be Concerned about?

7-Eleven is providing freebees all week, and, from the Big Gulp to Hostess Twinkies, you should be concerned about it all, and not just to keep your girlish figure. A big gulp poses the same threats as a Slurpee, with one exception: the cup. This monstrous drink is offered for free on July 12th and comes in a much sturdier, plastic cup. This lessens the chance of mold, but the size of the drink increases the problem. Unless you can down a soda as Takeru Kobayashi devours hotdogs, the liquid in a Big Gulp will be sitting in your car for a while. The longer it lasts, the greater the chance of mold. Once the fungus infestation starts in a vehicle, it spreads to all corners in a matter of days. Once there, spores contaminate the small space in the cockpit. You do not what to be stuck in traffic breathing mold due to the potential respiratory problems related to spore inhalation. Be sure to finish your free soft drink before mold can get to it. If your car does happen to cultivate mold, be sure to request the aid of mold remediation Denton County professionals to ensure the spores are all gone.

7-Eleven moves away from drinks the rest of the week. Here is the list of free food:

July 13th – M&M’s Brand Candy

July 14th – Grandma’s  Cookies

July 15th – Hostess Twinkies

July 16th – TWIX or Snickers Ice Cream Bars

July 17th – Quaker Yogurt Bar

July 18th – Pillsbury Cookie

These items present a far-less likely chance of mold growth, but the fungus eats organic food. Most of the freebees include grain or nuts that, if left in the open long enough, mold will find and contaminate. And you do not want to eat anything that has been plagued by mold.

How do I get these Freebees?

7-Eleven signs off the week with another Free Slurpee day on July 19th. All you need to do to be a part of these fabulous freebees is text BDAY to 711711 and download the free app.  Enjoy your free treats responsibly this week, and remember to finish them before some other entity can claim them.  If mold comes knocking, get a hold of mold remediation professionals right away.

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